Must Watch: Karl Anthony Towns protecting the rim from elementary school aged campers

July is the absolute worst month for sports fans. If your MLB team sucks right now, if your NBA team isn’t making moves, and if running through highlights of big college football games past has gotten old, you’re starving for any type of sports content available. I think thats what makes this video so much more pure and valuable.

All professional athletes run these types of camps with kids for the minor positive publicity it gives them in their current city, hometown, etc. But NBA players, and NBA superstars at that, have been making it habit to rip these kids dreams to shreds while doing it.

KD had an almost identical video in 2016:

Dwight Howard murdered this tike pregame:

And we also saw Russ be Russ to some little twerp just last week:

Maybe some people think these players are “assholes” and “unnecessarily ruin these kids self-esteem.” I think every kid that stepped up to face an NBA All Star probably should’ve seen this coming. You think he’s just going to let you win? You think any athlete is going to let some little runt expose him and put it on the internet? You know how much grade school clout those kids had on the line? They knew what was on the line and risked it. This is what happens when you challenge someone who’s worked on their game for collectively more time than you’ve been alive.

In all seriousness, I don’t think NBA players can play down to a level to let these kids even compete. KAT wanted to be anywhere else so bad he looked like Andre Drummond in a regular season game. He’s probably going 1% and the kids still look like that. Well, he did give a little extra on that little girls shot.

Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 7.08.26 PM

The knee pads are a great touch.


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