Lebron’s reason for not changing his number is very Lebron of him

Sports Illustrated- LeBron James will give up his No. 23 with the Lakers in 2019-20, which allows Anthony Davis to wear the iconic number, according to Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes

When I saw this, I thought, “At least Lebron cares about the guys he actually wants on his team.”

Here’s a tip; if Lebron does something, wait for the the second story, because it probably makes his action null and void.

Yahoo Sports- LeBron James’ plan to give Anthony Davis his uniform number will be postponed until next season, league sources told Yahoo Sports…

due to production issues and the massive financial hit Nike would have absorbed from the No. 23 James inventory that’s already been produced, Nike could not accommodate the request for this season, sources said.

Okay okay. So Nike already made a bunch of 23 James jerseys and the NBA doesn’t want to screw the multi-billion dollar company that makes their uniforms. All understandable, but then there is the Lebron kicker.

Out of consideration for fans who already purchased James’ jersey and to avoid distractions for a team competing for a championship, the Lakers star will bypass seeking the number change for this season.

And there it is, the quote from the clouds that makes Lebron haters like me cringe.

First of all Lebron, the ship has passed on considering fans who bought your jersey already. You were going to change you number before, so that didn’t bother you. The problem is with unsold jerseys sitting in warehouses, not the jerseys people already own. And by the way, that will still be a problem next year, when Nike sells that inventory and you change your number after. Consideration for fans, what bonkers statement.

But maybe even MORE bonkers is claiming that changing your jersey number would be a “distraction”. Set aside the championship part, which is still a bit nuts considering the Lakers missed the playoffs entirely last season. Lebron was a walking talking distraction last year. The Lakers couldn’t be more distracted right now. The organization has more in common with a dog chasing a laser pointer than any other franchise right now. I seriously doubt anything related to your number could distract your team, but if that did happen, I would guess the only distraction would come from promising to change your number before not actually doing so.

This really does sum up Lebron though. Considering how detail oriented he is, you would think he would make sure he could change his number before announcing to the world he was generously giving it to AD. But when everyone says,”uh, hey Lebron, you can’t just do that,” he can’t just say, “hey, I screwed up, my bad.” No, he has to spin zone to portray him as the great leader and the fan favorite. I take responsibility to hold him accountable. Hey Lebron, be better.



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