Anthony Bennett may legitimately challenge Darko for Greatest Bust of All Time

anthony bennett

Yahoo Sports- Former No. 1 overall pick Anthony Bennett is getting another shot to make it onto an NBA roster.

Bennett agreed to a non-guaranteed deal with the Houston Rockets on Friday night and has been invited to their training camp this fall, according to The Athletic’s Shams Charania and the Houston Chronicle’s Jonathan Feigen.

You always worry about a player coming back in to a game past their prime and leaving a sour memory to what was an already cemented legacy. However, Anthony Bennett is trying to make come back and solidify himself among the greatest busts of all time.

Bennett would probably make it first ballot into the Hall of Busts on his career alone, after a hilarious rookie year where he shot 35% from the field and 24% from three, playing for four teams in four years before ultimately going overseas. The former number 1 overall pick will now try to find a role with Westbrook and Harden in an offense based system.

Theres more that goes into being an all time bust than just being terrible at basketball. As much as the criteria for the GOAT is debated, not enough people are discussing the GBOAT and how it’s determined. Does draft position matter? How does the rest of the draft factor in? Did he not like showering? Is he still playing basketball or is he working on an apple orchard?

As a Detroit fan, Darko will hold a special place in my heart forever. No man has challenged his throne atop the busts since he resurfaced as a semi professional kick boxer when the Pistons were deep into the Charlie Villenueva days. But looking at AB’s resume, a lackluster showing for the Rockets this summer could push the needle his way.

  1. Draft Position

All great busts must be top picks; it’s what makes you a bust. But higher is always better, and no where is higher than the top. The Cavs were fortunate to snap up Bennett with the top pick in 2013, but let Darko slide to two in 2003 to pick some guy named LeBron. While drafting a 6.0 points per game scorer second overall is prime bust material, theres nothing more gut wrenching to a fan base then watching a #1 overall pick leave your with only blooper reels to show for it. Nod to AB here.

Anthony Bennett first 12 games highlights

2. Quality of players drafted after

This might as well be named the Millicic category, because no one compares to Darko in terms of relative garbage. The Cavs certainly missed out on much better players, like Giannis (15th) or Victor Oladipo (2nd). But a lot of the lottery swung and missed that year. Frankly, a lot of other teams would probably catch more heat for this draft if it weren’t for the absolute train wreck that started it off. But the Hall of Fame will be littered with players drafted after Darko Millicic. The Pistons made like 1000 straight Eastern Conference Finals and could’ve had D Wade, Chris Bosh or even Carmelo to add to those teams. Thats the kind of stuff that makes you a bust legend. Point Darko.

3. Post Basketball activities

Darko Milicic could’ve retired quietly and been a living legend among the bust community, but even in retirement, Darko was running up the score. I don’t know what is more fitting; picturing a former NBA center in a semi professional kick boxing match or seeing a former NBA center in an apple orchard in Serbia. It felt like every time the Pistons sunk to their lowest, Darko would pop up in the news to remind everyone how bad Joe Dumars was at running a team.

Anthony Bennett has been quiet since leaving the league, and is taking a great risk by returning to basketball. Most busts would be comfortable receding into the darkness and selling used cars in their hometown, but Bennett could jeopardize his legacy as an all time great by finding a deal with the Rockets and possibly stumbling into a contributing role. However, I think this may be the perfect way for AB to push his way into the ranks of the elites.

He agreed to a non-guaranteed deal, which is an amazingly phrased deal that only busts could agree to. What does that even mean? Hey, we know people thought you were good once, but if you still suck, we didn’t promise you anything so don’t be too upset. There’s a chance we get to see an out of shape Anthony Bennett brick some shots in Summer League, probably get bullied off the team by Russ and Harden before he sees an NBA arena, and possibly get paid $0 for his troubles. That would be a game changer for Bennett and his legacy could ascend to the top spot.

Better pick some more apples Darko, Anthony Bennett is coming for your spot.




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