NBA investigating Lakers for tampering related to Paul George, per Peter Vecsey

Per @petervecsey1 via Twitter
Paul George was one of the biggest story lines in the NBA offseason, and the plot just got a lot thicker. Per the Pacers request, the NBA is investigating the LA Lakers and Magic Johnson specifically for claims of tampering related to PG13’s departure from Indiana, per Peter Vecsey.

The Lakers have been rumored to be the premier destination for free agents come the 2018 offseason. Paul George was supposed to be the easy sell, as he had stated that LA would be his preferred destination. Everyone from Westbrook to LeBron has been rumored to the be on the way to play with Lonzo and the boys. 

But now, potential fallout could cost the Lakers severely. The most serious punishment being thrown out is the restriction the signing George in free agency all together. While the more common punishment would be loss of draft picks, the NBA could give a greater punishment if there is clear tampering. To this point, there is has been nothing found to prove the Lakers or anyone in their organization guilty of anything.

The Pacers are next level petty for tipping off the NBA, but I think most of us would want our organizations to do that too. You can’t just let LA take a superstar and let them break all the rules in the process. The Lakers have PLENTY of resources to recruit players away from Indiana. 

I’m also all for this so we can stop this super team before it starts. Let others learn from this. When you have a super team ready to go, don’t announce it to the world a year before you’re ready for debut. Teams, owners, and the league are going to do everything to stop you. The Eastern Conference is already in danger of collapsing from pure lack of talent. 

I also hope this pisses off LeBron.

He deserves it. 

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