Kawhi Leonard was smiling and it caught Manu Ginobili off guard

Original Story from Bleacher Report
Kawhi Leonard is one of very few NBA superstars you rarely hear about for non basketball reasons. The man (1/2 man 1/2 robot) is beloved for his game, his dreads, and his scary focus. Like, hella scary. To the point where the internet questions whether he truly is human or just a basketball playing android.

We all have seen the clip of his teammates taking about his smiling and laughing, or lack thereof. If you haven’t, it is worth the watch for his attempt at a human laugh at the end.

Which is why his Instagram life is finally getting some attention. Finally! Kawhi with off the court issues! What did he post?

Just a man enjoying his time off by taking trips to China and seeing TityBoi perform in a pink wheeled wheelchair. But these pictures were so out of the ordinary that Manu Ginobili was getting suspicious.

All because the man is smiling.

If you smile so little that your oldest, most veteran teammate who’s been with you since your rookie season is legitimately taken back by seeing you SMILE ON VACATION, you may not smile enough to be human. I’m going to take a stance right now and say he is at least 25% android. Remember this post when the truth comes out.

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