Weekly Matchups: Friday, August 18th 2017

LeBron vs. Cleveland

LeBron James is sending his franchise down a dark road right now. What I would give to see the Cavaliers roster a year from today. The latest report from the slowest ship sinking of all time is that LeBron is ‘100%’ done in Cleveland after this season due to clashes with ownership. LeBron’s camp obviously denied, but this is just more and more confirmation of what we already knew; LeBron doesn’t give a shit about the Cavs franchise, he only cares about himself and his legacy. I always thought LeBron going out of his way to chase Jordan’s legacy was tacky but was also his only chance of actually surpassing him. In a real unfortunate turn (Haha) it may well end up being the reason he failed to ever do so.

By my account, Kyrie has very right to be pissed and want out, and not just because of Bron Bron. The Cavaliers have truly done him wrong in this whole scenario. Kyrie was given his first contract right before LeBron decided to come home. They were also one of the worst teams in the league, with Kyrie being their lobe bright spot. They also had the 1st overall pick coming up that year (AKA Andrew Wiggins), so they had some leverage in terms of trades any trades they wanted and/or a young duo coming to take the league over. Knowing all that, you would have to assume his contract negotiations went something like this.

KYRIE: “Whats up guys?”

CAVS: “Whatever you want, take it. You’re our fucking guy. You are the Cavs. You are our future. You can have whatever you want for the rest of your career.”

Then mere weeks after he signs the dotted line, LeBron decides to come home. And for people saying he shouldn’t complain about being LeBron’s teammate, let me just say this; You’re dead wrong. From strictly a basketball perspective? Yes, it would be crazy. But that isn’t what LeBron is and that is what makes him so hard to play with.

LeBron won’t commit because he is LeBron and doesn’t have to. It is a savvy move by LeBron to do that because he will never be stuck if he wants out. But that gives his teammates no confidence that he will stick around. When these rumors about LA come out, it’s impossible to just sweep under the rug because 1. He is LeBron, he does that type of thing and 2. He certainly doesn’t sound thrilled about sticking around, that’s for sure.

LeBron also thinks he is the GM. And if he is really the one pulling the strings in the front office, they should probably let him go. He surrounded himself with players past their primes in a total effort to win championships, completely disregarding any future after LeBron. Lets see all the players who now are getting PAID by Cleveland: Tristan Thompson, JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, Andrew Bogut, Deron Williams, Kyle Korver, Derrick Rose, etc. How many of those players will be more than a reserve on the Magic in the next three years? And remember, the Cavs paid the highest payroll last year. higher than a team with KD, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Just saying.

If you fast forward a year, you see why I am on Kyrie’s side. Yes, he got one ring. But on August 18th, 2018, LeBron may very well be a LA Laker, and Kyrie would be stuck in Cleveland for two more years and with that dumpster fire of a roster. They would suck. And it would all be LeBron’s fault then too. But at least they would have Kyrie. But he had enough. He pulled a LeBron on LeBron before he could be Lebroned by LeBron.

Unfortunately, the real loser is the city of Cleveland (again).

At least he got you the ring before he put the pillow back over your face.

Trump vs. ????

I don’t even know how describe what in the world is going on in Donald Trump’s world anymore. He is fighting, that’s for sure. I just don’t know who anymore. After Charlottesville happened and he tried to blame many sides, I thought he was actually trying to keep the Nazi’s on board. Then the whole Alt Left press conference. And now firing Bannon? I legitimately think Donald is trying to keep everyone on their toes. He just wants us to lose our minds every time he says something just to keep the whole pot stirring.

If he wanted the white supremacists on his side, would’ve kept Bannon around, so I really don’t think that’s it. I truly don’t think Donald Trump is a racist. I also think Donald Trump is crazy enough to think racism just doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter. He has gotten away with everything since being president, so I just think he says whatever it is the MSM sources don’t want, whether it’s racist or not.

He also never called the car crash in Charlottesville a terrorist attack, but denounced the Barcelona attack as terrorism immediately. I seriously don’t know who he’s fighting.

I think we are all losing this one, including Trump.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Jesus

Probably one of the most embarrassing stories for a new stadium. We’ve been hearing about the new Georgia Dome since fucking 2004 it feels like. And it looks awesome, don’t get me wrong. But if you haven’t heard, they kind of made a tiny mistake in one of their restaurant choices.

That has to be one of the all time fuck ups. You’re building a professional football stadium, you should probably make sure the restaurant is open on the day you play football games. How did that not come up? There had to be some type of contract negotiation between the franchise and the stadium, maybe even Chick-Fil-A HQ. How do you not bring up the fact that your most profitable days all year are seven to eight Sunday’s in the fall?

I’m sure neither side even thought about that until the deal was done and both sides already bragged about their deal making abilities.

“We just got Chick-Fil-A in the stadium, we are going to make a killing!

“How did you get them to open on Sunday’s?”


Jesus again takes another W.


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